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Originally Posted by PvtSpartykus View Post
original quote:


hahaha no no of course not, I'm incapable of taking a human life in life like situations. If I was forced to to defend myself or others around me then I might have to restort to that kind of force. I was implying that one would use an airsoft gun. 'Carnage' was simply a poetic way of phrasing to make he support class seem grander than it is in an airsoft context. Obviously, one wouldn't feel the same way with a replica as a real weapon. I adore shoting multiple bbs even if I'm not hitting anyone. The fear that a great rate of fire instils is superior to the fear of being 'scoped out' by a sniper weapon/rifle (that one was for you Shrike) in my opinion. It's also very useful, I suppose, to supply cover fire regardless of wether or not you're actually hiting the targes (though eliminating targets is always useful :P ).

Honestly, The sniper class is a phenominal class to master. In all sincerety, I'm not cut out for this class because I don't think like a sniper should in order to master this position. maybe novices feel that they need to prove themselves and demonstrate their intuition by taking an over glorifie position in hopes of acheiving the respect of others? One thing is certain, the sniper class is definately over glorified by the media (in my opinion of course). There are countless unrealistic scenes where snipers take out multiple units, when in reality a sniper would have to have a VERY effective game plan to accomplish such a feet. Every class has its advantages and disadvantags (As 'm sure you're all aware being enthusiasts of replica combat scenarios an weapons), finding the right one for you is always tough. Foe a novice admitting that the are ot cut out for sharpshotting is hard I suppose, it might make them feel inferior. Because they lack the right mind set it might make them feel useless or might hihlight the gap between them and experienced players. I wouldn't mind trying a sniper role but I'd have to do so with less experienced players I suppose.


Very good post PvtSpartyykus, thanks for posting. The line that I bolded was just like my cousin. If he ever does get into airsoft, he wants to play the "glorified" position that everyone loves him for. He also thinks that the opposing players will simply run up towards his fortified and far away spot; I know see why you would want to play with less experienced players the first time you try out the sniper role.

Thanks for contributing
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