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Originally Posted by SdtAuclair View Post
why everyone wants to be a sniper? What i think is: In all the movie, in all TV show that inclues gun, who is the biggest ''hero''... its always the sniper, sniper have a good reputation, sniper weaponry is cool too. People like what they see in Movie. BUT, be a sniper is not like what you see in the movie, it can be long before you see someone, takes ALOT of practise to be a good sniper and ALOT of patience.
Its not everyone that can be a sniper.

Now I am not a sniper but i put my 1 cent on what i think why every body wants to be a sniper :P
lol like MrEvolution's List?

1) Jackson (religious sniper) in Private Ryan who takes out like 300 guys before getting exploded.
2) The 2 snipers (Shugart, Gordon) in black hawk down that go down in a blaze of glory
3) Enemy at the Gates german dude.
4) German sniper that kills Vin Diesel in SPR, then gets shot in the eye by jackson
5) Tom Berenger
6) young Captain Price in CoD4

I think everyone that is interested in becoming a sniper has been influenced by some sort of media, including my cousin. The fact of a Lone-Sniper taking on a hundred other soldiers may seem so cool...but in realality at an actual airsoft game, it can be the complete opposite of what you really think a sniper actually does...
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