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Originally Posted by Armandhammer View Post
Very good example, much appreciated. You either come up with the most amazing things or some of the weirdest things...

Anyways thanks for the post
Where there's a will, there's a way. Lol

I think my example is a prime one for anyone wanting to be a sniper, gear yourself to do multirole on the fly during the game. My M24 is on my back 95% of the time I play (ya, 13lbs of beauty), and being able to act as a sniper (without ghillie) yet take part in the assault minutes later is a real asset. So is being part of an assault, seeing an opportunity to take a precision shot at a required place (once I shot a guy in the ass that we had pinned down behind a tree........... he was about 120ft away and I saw part of his butt sticking out, so I unslung my M24 shot it). Being a flexible-role player in airsoft really helps one play well, and makes the game more fun. And it gives wanna-be snipers a great day, sort out AEG or rifle based upon the moment, and go shoot people.

BTW, last year I played the real sniper role, full ghillie and all, about four times. The game gets to the point sometimes that you just take it off and go dual mode the rest of the day.
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