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Originally Posted by Kyite View Post
Armandhammer, when are you going to that and when is it? I would like to come. I've never seen a airsoft game inperson before and I'm sure it would be fun to watch the pros hack around.
They are the Area 51 indoor games, you will find the dates posted up in the Games and events forum. I will send you a PM when I go to one and will try to call you up to come and watch

Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
then go to a field where there is snipers lol?
At the time, Area 51 is the only place where I can attend to right now. FR and wasaga are a little too far for me right parents would not want to drive for an hour or so just so I can watch an event...I will probably make my way down eventually though.

Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Was just posting a joke, whenever I see the word 'movement' after another word, I chuckle.

Best most common story I can provide, more a typical use I adopt, is for base attacks, namely the large 80 x 80ft base at a local field (surrounded by open field for about 180ft, then thick forested areas and roads). In the past I'd move ahead of the team, no ghillie, M24, MP5 and G19................. sneak into a spot to be able to see defences at the walls and in the towers, and within range of my BBs getting there. Radio to my team their defences and such, wait til they are in position, then I'll start "shooting for effect", stirring up the guys, keeps their heads down as my rounds slap near them, makes it difficult for them to spot and report the directions the attacks are from. Every once in awhile I'll fling BBs at the walls on the OTHER side of the base and hit them, a good 350ft away or so, just to fuck with their heads. THis kind of attack, kills don't mean much at all, psychological warfare is the main weapon a sniper will use. If a guy has had rounds hit near his head, he'll be less inclined to pop up for too long to shoot at the attacking force. So, after a lot of attrition goes one, and there are only a few people attacking left, and a few defending, I'll leave my rifle in the woods, rush in with a couple others to clear out the rest, even if it's pistol in close quarters to clean the small buildings.

Sorry for the long paragraph, but it's a common thing to do for those that multitask airsoft roles. Not so much a DSM, am a sniper with assaulting skills, or an assaulter with a precision rifle on my back. I use all I am able to do, or equipped to do, to help where I can in the game.
Very good example, much appreciated. You either come up with the most amazing things or some of the weirdest things...

Anyways thanks for the post
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