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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
That thread sank really deep.
Ah well, really got what I wanted, thanks for the info guys. Stalker, I didn't mean it like that...but it seems that your mind has wondered elsewhere lol

Would be really nice to hear some experiences and examples while playing the sniper role out on the field however...if anyone would wish to post, it would be of great help.

So I showed my friends this thread, and many of them backed off the idea of becoming one, while my cousin(also my age) is still determined to try out the role when he hits 18. Who knows, maybe he will like it...

For me...A fully automatic AEG would be much more exciting

For those looking to buy an airsoft sniper for there first airsoft gun...I would recommend this thread(just get passed a bunch of lol's) and it will be very helpful to you

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