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Originally Posted by Kyite View Post
What your gonna need to do, is either get a pellet gun sniper or airsoft sniper, and show your friends how hard it is! My friend brought over this pellet sniper one time and we shot it at my plasma screen tv box. It got boring. Pump, load, cock shoot. when you first start, the process can take a good minute. well thats with a pellet gun though. For airsoft, they just need to realize, SNIPING IS HARD!!! Its not like CoD4 at all. (I <3 CoD4). Go with the knife and the AEG man. Knife ftw.
lol nice to see some input from a newbie to the forum. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to purchase a pellet or airsoft sniper at the time...I am only 15(soon to be 16). It may be a good idea to get in touch with a relative or friend who owns one to try it out however...
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