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Hi PvtSpartykus,

Hi PvtSpartykus,

Real name is Sebåstian (which is just sebastien), I've been a visitor of this forum for two years or so but I never made an account because I hadn't purchased an Airsoft gun yet and all I really wanted was the FAQ for shipping etc.

However, I'm in the process of purchasing a CA G36K with some nice little adjustments and tactical gear from OE tech. I Have yet to decided on my side arm but I reasoned that it was dispensible for the moment, I shall purchase one in a month or so when I get back from Norway. I used to play a lot of paint ball and then I realised everyone that played paint ball needed to lay off the annabolic steroids for a while, take a "chill pill" relax and thinks things through before they jumped in to C.Q.C "fire" (or should I say paint) fights. Not that they're mean people. They justweren't for me. I left them behind along with adolesence I suppose.

I speak English French Norvegian an Japanese (although I can't speak japanes like someone who's lived there all their life but I can understand basic anime, stress on basic..sometimes attack names confuse me and when I watch gundam I loose track when they talk about political ideologies lol) I adore sailing, it's my true love and I teach it alonside of Combine another user of this forum that was the one that got me in to airsoft.



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