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Originally Posted by Armandhammer View Post
Some more great posts, thanks alot guys! I think he has a better understanding of what being a "sniper" is now.

CDN_Stalker, thanks for contributing to the thread, very helpful posts.

FNG-13, lmfao all my cousin wants to do is talk into the radio, I'm sure he would be more than delighted to purchase one if he plays the role of sniper when 18. Congrats on being Age-Verified.

Tsuru, thanks for the pros and cons of sniping

Muffin, he is not afraid of being a shot, so I don't think that will be a problem...I hope lol

Question- For those of you verified, would it be a good idea to follow the sniper in a game like a training practice or something? Just to see if you would like to be one...

lmfao nice Amos..."You got knifed bitch!!"
If I'm in my ghillie I dont even like anyone wanting to "back me up". Kinda retarded to have a hanger on wearing some BDUs within 60ft behind you, only to expose you. Best to learn to make a ghillie, and join them. Unless they are wearing the same camo as you are, then it should be ok to join them, just don't walk around like papparazi behind a sniper while he's trying to work.
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