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Originally Posted by oicurpn View Post
i posted a response on bcac sorry to here this has happened to you. do you have one or two hydro meters on the house Ryan? if there is only one then she should be willing to make a claim as the suite is not a legal suite in Victoria, if she is collecting revenue from renting the suite to you she is also responsible for all contents under her insurance. (assuming she has insurance) just a FYI.
This is not true.. the home owner is not responsible for coverage to third party contents.

She did not suffer any loss so she is not entitled to be indemnified .. no loss no claim.

She could make a claim for a person who is related to her under her policy, but the contents of an Unrelated tenant or Boarder is typically not insurable.

Policy wordings do change from time to time and different companies do offer different coverages.. but the principle of indemnification for loss is universal.

She must prove her loss to claim.. she suffered no loss.. so no claim provable.
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