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Originally Posted by FNG_13 View Post
I'm no sniper, but my experience with 47 has showed that although equipment helps, it's more the person's abilities that really make them a cut above. Hiding well where you don't expect them to be, moving around and staying unpredictable, inspiring fear with the knowledge that although the first shot MAY miss, the second probably won't.

huh...almost makes me think Stalker actually knows what he's talking about with all this sniper stuff or something....[/sarcasm] (The day I question Stalker's authority on sniping, I'll be in JTF2...both are equally unlikely to occur.)
Hehe, thanks, nice to know I have my own little fan club.

I SHOULD say, that Mother Nature is largely the one who dictates if the BB hits your target or not. Hop up makes a BB unstable to start with, but any little air currents between you and your target can toss it off course by a tiny bit, and it's worth paraphrasing the old Japanese proverb "Small things become big things", (is one reason I shoot groups at 30ft in my basement to see the 'health' of my rifles), if your BBs goes even 1mm off course by a bit at 100ft, that could equal off target by a meter at 250ft. Conpensating is fine, might get your hit, but that little air current that made your BB swerve off won't be there again, might be another stronger/weaker one later on, making your compensation really useless unless you can sort out on the fly why the BB went where it did and how not to have it happen again. That is what the Master Class of airsoft snipers constantly fight with, it's a challenge to say the least.

And, have to say, the only "perfect conditions" for an airsoft gun (even a high powered sniper rifle), is no gravity and in a vacuum. BBs will go where they want to go in the real word.
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