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Being the only person I'm aware of who started outdoor airsoft with a BA and is still playing (3 years of outdoor play and I just bought my first AEG) with it I'm going to add some points from my view that have not been brought up.

Positive points:
- Cheaper: You use less ammo, magazines tend to be cheaper, you don't need a vest and other paraphenalia.
- More rewarding: I think it took me a month and a half of weekly games to finally get my first kill. Yes, you don't get that many kills but the ones you get are that much more rewarding.

Negative points:
- Certain skills don't develop: This is a personal sticking point which is why I finally picked up an AEG. I've found that I rely on range and the low sound signature of my rifle too much. As a result I have a hard time sneaking up on people. Everyone's mileage will vary but I know this is my main weakness that I've developed from just using a BA.

"Don't Know Where These Fit" Points:
- I've found that my enjoyment of a game can depend on who is in command. If a commander knows how to use a sniper then I have a great time. If they don't know where to send me then I tend to miss out on the action far too much.
- Be prepared to be flexible. The last two major games I've found myself doing little more than harrasing an attacking force. If there's no way for me to get a clean shot due to the heavy brush, any BB travelling at high velocity will still get people to cover their heads. Did I get any kills? No, but I knew I was still doing my job and that was reward enough.

"Last bit of sniper advice" Point:
Get a damn radio!

I know I have more stuff in my head but they're not coming out right now.
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