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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
my 0.02cents.

I can't stand scouting/sniping boring as hell IMO. Bring a gameboy or DS because you will probably fire maybe 5 rounds at most. The rest of the time you will spend it on the radio telling people where the enemy is and going; That assumes that you choose a good hide with a decent field of view so you can see anything important.
Largely sounds like you have only head snipers take naps in the field waiting for one or two shots over the course of the day. That's what a useless sniper does. Worse one is one that sits around doing that had has no radio.

The best snipers will move with the battle, provide and receive intel and change positions often in order to best benefit the team and the accomplishment of the objectives. Longest I've sat for in one place was two hours, was on overwatch duty when my team was defending a large base in a large open area, I was in the back corner on a high hill and had full view of roads, paths, large berms, etc. Even though the maximum distances in my detail were over 500ft, my job was to take out anyone that came close if I could (shot two), but mostly to report movements of attackers trying to get within range of the base. But most of the time I'll stir up the other team and keep their heads down. Sniping to me is a tool I'm good at, I don't do the role that often, but always have my M24 on my back. And one doesn't NEED to have a ghillie to be an effective sniper, just has to have the skills and knowledge to do what snipers do. Ballistics, how to use camo, how to move without being detected, etc. Not saying that's all that makes a sniper, but saying that those are crucial skills required for the job. And having a rifle that can get heavy BBs out to 300ft is a big help as well.
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