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Reason I said most people like the idea of becoming a sniper, is their fear of being shot, is that I think its a fantasy to alot of new people. You always see kids wanting to be the next 'shooter'.
Case in point, there is this 16 year old kid in my town whose daddy bought him a Wells L96 and he had heard that I have a team. So, of course, he wanted to game with us, so I told him that when one of use gets a new gun or does an upgrade of some sort, they need to be shot by it willingly to know what your enemy will be feeling once you pull that trigger. He said he was all good with that but when it came down to him being shot by his own rifle. He took me aside and told me he was too scared to go through with it, ha ha. His actual words were, "what if I start crying?".
Also another reason why kids shouldn't play airsoft.
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