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Some more really good examples and responses...Thanks guys! Thank you PvtSpartykus for the very detailed response, but +1 to Fox, I just hope you are not implying a real situation. I showed my friend this thread I started, and he is still determined to play the role as a "real" sniper in an airsoft game, when he hits 18. He likes the idea of the the DM role, but he would rather play the sniper who "waits in a bush and only gets 1-2 hits a game" now. I'm sure media has had a large influence on us, and he probably thinks he can take on the whole team when he plays the role....but he is beginning to understand that snipers will only get 1-2 hits a game...

who knows, maybe he would actually enjoy playing the role when 18...even though the DM role sounds very interesting and a little more exciting

BC_K, very interesting tactic...too bad we do not hunt though...

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