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sniper?! even if support class exists...

In all sincerety I can't relate to the novelty that people associate with the sniper class when first introduced to this sport because I myself never went through that phase. I've always adored the systematic shock to my genitals provided over and over and over again and again at the sight of a gorgeous rifle (particularily ones of higher caliber and bolt action..oh I could just...walk in to a strip joint). My initial interest lay in support. The feeling of bullets constantly being projected as time flies by idle to the carnage set forth by your weapon. Really, it's exhilarating. Though accuracy is not your prime objective you serve as a suppressor for the glory of your compagnions; really, how could one not adore it? Your role is to attract enemy attention and divert attention, aid others to attain cover, suppressive fire! It's all so amazing, no? Honestly, sniper caliber rifles are instruments of immense beauty but to me a sniper class individual must have qualities that not every one posseses. I suppose that's the reason behind its popularity. People (as a general rule) tend to retain things that are different from them or their thoughts. Snipers in movies and combat approach a field in an alternate method relative to the their teammates (who happen to be mostly light infantry, assult infantry, support infantry, etc..). A team is divised such that there are a small portion of people that can obtain the sniper position. Sniper class has a tendency to explore by themselves and act in the interes of the team while attainig a more impressive head; glorifying in the least. People who are new to the sport might assume that they can sneak around behind the enemy easily and eliminate the entire squad when in reality that kind of maneuvre requires an impressive amount of instinctual strength, stamina, patience, accuracy, unobstrusive movement, et cetera.

Moreover, (in addition to a natural attraction, the over dramatization of the sniper class in the media, the glory associated to an effective sniper and the beauty of the rifles available to the sniper class) there exists a comfort in knowing that you are distant from the enemy. This fact, in itself, might not have any significance in relation to the amount of pain or projectiles received but it creates a distance from the enemy that ensures less psycological strain to people new to the sport. Of course a veteran prioritizes the mission over his/herself. A novice, contrary to the veteran, might have a tendency to forget about the mission when he/she is being attacked or when they must strategically eliminate enemies according to priority versus eliminating enemies that are in a convinient location.
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