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I'm so sorry to that your gear and weapons were stolen. How horrible and unfortunate given the investment you have contributed to your passtime. MY sincerest condolences to you. I hnestly hope that this works out for you. Have the police released any informaton on leads in the case or are they even going to bother looking in to it in depth (one of my friends had a robbery in his house and apparently the police only pretended to listen because they got the report completely wrong, so they went private and manage to find the culprits it turned out to be someone on the neighbouring street)?Oh no! a Classic Army SLR 105 that's a really nice gun, I wanted to purchase that myself,but then I realized the G36 models were more appealing to me for some reason. Still though, I'm sorry for your loss. I'd most likely cry if I were you (or pull my hair out) but then again I'm a woosy when it comes to things similar to this so... :'(

The worst part is that now you won't get to play, hopefully you'll be able to borrow a friend's gun and play a game once in a while, keep your morale up.

Warmth and best of luck, my sincere appologies,



At 200+ pounds, being the size it is, and bolted into the wall studs in your closet, any thief is going to have to make a hell of a racket to bust it open and/or move it.

This is a good lesson for all you new players, too: you're expected to treat your airsoft guns like real firearms at the field, so why not treat them like real firearms at home, too? Buy a gun safe, and use trigger locks.
duely noted and agreed upon, I actually had no idea one could aquire a safe to carry guns. To be frank, I hadn't considered the option.

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