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1) DM for the win
2) There's also a fair bit of talent and intuition required to make a good sniper, from what I've seen. Now, I know I don't have it, but I gotta tell you...I've "WTF!" 'd pretty hard at 47 a couple of times...the random appearing out of bushes that you were SURE you cleared a second ago, the ridiculous shots from a million miles away...did I mention he used a stock CA M24 with no scope? And before that a JG M14 springer? no scope, just intuition and patience. I was always happy he was on my team...and double alert for any sound of a bolt moving or ANYTHING that said he was in the area if I wasn't. As Relja learned the hard way, if you don't go to the ground after the first shot, you'll spend the next little while respawning....

Perhaps people want to be capable of stuff like that? I'm probably phrasing 47's exploits in a more epic fashion than necessary, but since I've been on the business end more often than the waiting end, that's how I've come to perceive it.
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