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I've been playing for a little more than a year now. I have a G36 (full size) and a stock MP5A4. I just purchased bolt-action sniper rifle (Well L96v2) to play around with because I want to try out the sniper/marksman role. I'm fully planning on keeping the L96 on my back and using the MP5 as my primary while doing this and only using the L96 as an opportunity weapon. If I decide I like it, then I'll look at dropping some money into upgrading the L96 into a really decent platform.

For me personally I like sneaking around the bush to try and get in behind my enemy. Karma and I did it at the Wolfpack game at one point -the two of us kept 5 or 6 guys busy for a time while they tried to kill us (we limited our shooting so it only appeared to be one of us). I think we only got two or three kills out of it but damn it was fun. Just knowing we were tieing up some enemies that weren't fighting "at the front" so to speak was worth it in itself. I imagine I could have been much more effective with a very quiet BAR instead of my noisy AEG.

My cryptic point is that I've been playing for a year as a normal infantryman and now I'm trying out some different ways of playing to see how I like them. Suggest to your friends that if they don't want to spend a very large amount of time moving slowly and patiently, and waiting for shots, not getting kills, etc. then not to snipe. I really kindof wish the "sniper" role was actually called "recon" or "scout" or something. I think it would be far more descriptive of the actual role.

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