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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Well everyone know your secret and they'll be looking up now won't they
Oh I've already let my tactics out months ago.

I'm more or less dissapointed noone else has provided the same level of frustration as I have on the field. Pricks like me make the game challenging.

I've stopped VIP escorts you name it, actually picked off the VIP twice now from my tree spots.

Black BB's are great, you can tell if you got shot at or a fly flew past ya.

Gotta have a good eye when using them, or them impacting the ground will lead right back to ya.

Also I highly suggest you have a non blow back pistol as a sidearm. TM MK23 is the BEST out there.

Dead accurate, dead silent. From 15 feet and just regular forest ambience during a game, you can't hear it. It's got a reputation for that.
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