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In this thread there are links to sniper feild manuals and such. Might be worth a read amongst the lolstuff.
The best thing I can advise for people looking to learn to stalk their prey, take up hunting.

If you can get up close (50 yards and less) of an amimal before taking your shot, your on the right track. I get most my kills in around 30-80 yards.

I treated my airsoft "sniping", just as I would if I were out hunting.

Aquire a target, stalk it and move to optimal vantage point (or concealment point), then take my shot & repeat process.

Big difference being your airsoft enemy can't smell ya out like an animal can, unless ya got a distinct smell coming from ya.

I been going up the tree's during airsoft games since 2003. NOONE has ever even shot at me while up a tree. To be honest I don't think anyone's seen me up there either.

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