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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Ok, this is a proven fact.

I think the post before this touched on something, the vision it takes of not having to have much skill except putting crosshairs on a guy and pulling the trigger. The view that most other aspects of airsoft roles requires a lot of money and skill, so they figure the sniper role would be the easiest, and least expensive (a gun and camo, big deal), hence the thought they'd go for it.

All I can say, sniper role is the hardest, most time consuming and most difficult role in airsoft to stick with. Add in learning how to shoot, predict the shot, compensate for overhop, hooking, sideways drifting, droppage of the round, setting the hop up correctly and knowing it won't work in every area or from every direction you take the shot. And that is just the shooting aspect, sneaking into an area is tough, getting near an objective is tougher, dealing with patrols and such in the area and either sneaking past them, or getting compromised and getting your ass out of the sling you got yourself into...............

Fuck, I have a hard-on now.
Honestly, if you are good enogh at camouflaging to get close enough to bitch slap someone, then you're REALLY good lol

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