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Originally Posted by Armandhammer View Post
It seems that many are agreeing with you, but I think I am going to disagree with you. I mean, correct me when I am wrong, aren't snipers usually a main target in a game? Many of scoutthedoggies awsome airsoft vids usually show the sniper getting shot at the end of it. First thing I would do If I knew there was a sniper on the other team would be to look for anything like a wookie on the ground...

And don't worry, he's not afraid of being shot. He likes the range aspect of playing a sniper role, but it seems that a sniper is more of a Ghost/Stealth type of role than one who takes down targets from a distance.

Experiences would be great...

lmfao slapping people?

what i think he means, is that to the uninformed, uninitiated novice; the sniper role is the easiest and it's closest to their video-game experience in that they can sit back, undetected and just shoot at people without them knowing where they are and risking getting shot back, which in airsoft is not as simple as that
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