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Originally Posted by Firewalker View Post
You've never hidden in a bush, you've always become a bush. One might say you've become part of the vegetation, a vegetable perhaps. Mind numbing boredom
I've gotten to quite a few bugs by name I should say. They were all named "Tasty". Worse thing is getting one stuck in the back of one's throat, try it sometime and NOT cough up a lung. I solved the problem by having my lungs taken out, hence my using cigarettes to get my fill of O2 and other crap, and it filters out the bugs.

I'll add, it looks like I've got the longest range airsoft kills with a sniper rifle. Don't know the distance, but I've been at home on game day, and someone blames me for shooting them with a BB that came out of nowhere. I think the maximum distance is about 50km so far.

Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
Stalker likes to slap ppl instead of shooting them
And God sits there and asks "Where the hell did that come from!?!" *Thanks to whomever came up with that for me, it's hilarious. Someone has it in their sig, I should get it as well, it's too funny.

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