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Nice to see some more responses

Originally Posted by BC_K View Post
My old CA33E served very well for as you call "sniping", As did my G3.

I got bout 20-25 tree's on the airsoft field here I like to go up in and NOONEs gotten me up there. Noone looks up.

Trigger control and patience is key.

Nothing better then a patrol 50 feet from your location and just picking one off at a time, an giggling inside as they try and figure out where the shot came from.

The rules said you have to stay inbounds. Never said had to stay on the ground.

I do it cause it's effective, makes the enemy go............umm where are they???
Good point, sure to tell him that. He would rather be one of those snipers that run around and pretty much act like an assault soilder, taking shots whenever.

Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
I always recommand people to start with an AEG. Even a stock one. They get a better feel of the game dynamic, tactics and they will get a lot more adrenaline.

Once they understand how it's done, they will know if sniping is still for them. As to be a succesfull sniper, you have do dedicate yourself. 90% of the airsoft sniper job is infiltrating without being seen. Since the gap in range between 400fps and 450fps (just to mention the more popular rules of fps) is not very big. So the airsoft sniper advantages are stealth and precision, wich is not that much more compared to an equaly fine tuned AEG.

I'm sniping since about 2003-2004 and I have crawled my fair share of ground. At the end of the day, you end up with not many kills, a sore back and hacking neck. Your few kills are still "a work of art" IMO, but if they want to be a 7331 snipa, it ain't going to be it for them.

Plus, tell your wannabe sniper friend to start making their own ghillie suit and saving up about 2000$ for their first upgraded Bolt action rifle. Maybe they will change their mind and go the more conservative way.
Very nice response, thanks. He still doesn't get how the FPS is the similar however, sure to tell him that. He wouldn't mind being a stealth sniper, but he would rather much be a 7331 snipa. He is not immature where all he wants are head shots lol, but I think he would rather be in the action a little more. Gotta talk to him more...

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
I own an AEG set up for normal rifleman type play,

I own an AEG set up in a DMR semi-only type play,

I own a bolt action sniper rifle.

On average with my AEG's (Rough estimate) 9-10 kills per game, but with my bolt action I'm lucky to get more than 5... And I'm aggressive when I play.. the only reason why I like my sniper kit is because It's really light and allows me to run around and be much more mobile.

I started with the "sniper" role after about a year of play... and it really took a long time for it to be fun (I still don't go out lone-wolf as a sniper, I move in a team with at least one other sniper) I don't play airsoft to sit in a bush by myself and be bored, I play to have fun.
A very good opionated response, thanks Amos. You move with your team and it still took a long time for it to be fun? Curious to find out...
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