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I'm with Amos, if I wanted to sit around in the bush, I'd just go camping. At least then I can get hammered and make that boring act fun

I own a sniper rifle (in fact I'm making an M110 SASS), but I use it in a Designated Marksman role rather than a sniper role. I just prefer semi-auto to full auto as I tend to underestimate the amount of ammo my gun can put down range in automatic mode. When I was using Thundercactus' "Legend Gun" (A G3 with just the silliest range ever lol) I noticed that I got more kills with semi-automatic than full automatic as I tended to pick my shots more. I also noticed this with my M16 when I had it (which is why I made the jump to a Semi-Automatic Sniper System, or SASS).

For me, the sniper rifle is just a tool that suits my needs more than a regular assault rifle does. I do not play the sniper role, and don't find it interesting. Though I will be wearing a semi-ghille (just an ACU jacket with some jutte on the back of it and a boonie with jutte and natural camouflage) depending on situations, I make no allusions to being patient enough or focused enough to be a sniper. I'll be a DM and move in a squad, but there's no way I could be a sniper.
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