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I own an AEG set up for normal rifleman type play,

I own an AEG set up in a DMR semi-only type play,

I own a bolt action sniper rifle.

On average with my AEG's (Rough estimate) 9-10 kills per game, but with my bolt action I'm lucky to get more than 5... And I'm aggressive when I play.. the only reason why I like my sniper kit is because It's really light and allows me to run around and be much more mobile.

I started with the "sniper" role after about a year of play... and it really took a long time for it to be fun (I still don't go out lone-wolf as a sniper, I move in a team with at least one other sniper) I don't play airsoft to sit in a bush by myself and be bored, I play to have fun.
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