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Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
People want to be snipers because their afraid of being shot.
LOL.....uhmmm, NO.
Sniping, if done correctly, will place you in a position where your arse is hanging in the breeze, and if for any reason you screw up (bad bound movement, bad ghillie, bad timing, bad luck) you are going to have your arse handed to you, usually with an over abundant amount of hosing from close, close range.

It is both physically demanding, and a tactical challenge. A couple of key kills will can ease pressure on completing objective missions during large mil sim events, but by no means are you going to end up with a ton of kills.....and yes, too many snipers on any team will place a strain on its' resources.

Most airsfot games tend to be scrims, at which point sniping becomes redundant. You are usually engaging opponents with in a minimum safe shooting distance, and their safety should always come first, even if it means passing up shots. This usually means getting a couple of quick kills at distance right off the hop, then dropping your BA and running around with your side arm, all the time sticking out like a moving bill board in your ghillie. If you happen to have a good ghillie and manage to pull a good disappearing act, you'll just delay the game to the point that the other (dead) players become annoyed with you. It's really not work it.

Tell your friends to try AEGs first, get into the sport more, and then decide if they want to spend the money on building a sniper kit. At which point they should keep the original kit, and this way they always have the original kit to fall back on when it's too windy or impractical to snipe. Besides, almost every field (host, or otherwise) limits "uncertified" BA snipers to 450 fps with 0.20s, and they really aren't going to be able to compete against 400 fps AEGs on full auto.

Get them out to a scrim, and hand them a 450 fps with 0.20s BA....see how fast they change their mind about sniping.
....and keep them away from all these over glorified sniper movies. Sometimes I really hate Hollywood......

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