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1)Don't you need special permission from the game Host to become a sniper anyways?

Generally speaking: No. Anyone can be a "sniper" using any type of kit. The term is dictated by your role in the game , not the gear youre using. However, theres some gear that is more suited for a sniper

Most fields, DO have higher FPS limits associated with Sniper rifles. Each field does it differently. Some make you take courses to earn the higher FPS restriction, others limit the FPS restriction to certain types of rifles.

2)For those who have used a sniper and a automatic AEG, which one did you prefer in a game?(Woodland scenario for example)
all personal preference. I prefer semi automatic rifles overall though, as they get the best of both worlds in Manitoba fields.

3)Firing an Airsoft sniper is TOTALLY different then what you may seem it may be like. I can't even explain this too them...can someone help?

It can be very frustrating because BBs arnt nearly as accurate as real bullets. Its not always a 1-shot-kill like people think

4)Any personnal experiences with sniping?
get a ghillie,
get some bug repellent
get non-fogging glasses or mesh facemasks
get some patience, and a lot of it.
max 1 per team, otherwise its a waste of resources. a team of lone wolfs is a team destined to lose.
and i agree, Tom Berenger

hope that helps
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