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Why does everyone want to be a sniper?

Hello, me again. So these past couple of weeks I have been trying to encourage buddies and people I know to become more aware and interested in the Airsoft sport. Many of them that I have spoken to about airsofting are genuinely interested in the Sniping aspect of the game. Yes, my buddies are the same age, so Call of Duty 4 must of etched into there heads, but anyways...

I showed most of them some of the Archives about sniping and how difficult and boring a sniper can be at times. I showed them some comments you guys have posted about it. I even showed them a Airsoft Sniping website I found on goggle. Many of them are still determined to become one when they hit 18. I am a little worried that they would lose interest in the sport...FAST

1)Don't you need special permission from the game Host to become a sniper anyways?

2)For those who have used a sniper and a automatic AEG, which one did you prefer in a game?(Woodland scenario for example)

3)Firing an Airsoft sniper is TOTALLY different then what you may seem it may be like. I can't even explain this too them...can someone help?

4)Any personnal experiences with sniping?

Thank you all for your time. I am just trying to encourage others to join the sport aswell. Any good threads/sites greatly appreciated. I think this would be a great thread for those of you purchasing a sniper right off the bat when you hit 18, and may want to think again. Or maybe you would actually enjoy being one?
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