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I thought my explanation was simple enough but I guess I have to clarify.
Pellet guns are perfectly fine to buy, you can buy them at Canadian tire. However not good to use in an airsoft game. If you show up and try and play with one of those they wont even let you on the field with it. If you have more questions about airguns or pellet guns, I suggest you go to here:

I could tell you where to find reviews about buyairsoft. But I wont. I will however tell you how to find reviews about buyairsoft. Near the upper right hand corner is a search button, click it to open a tab and type in buyairsoft click search and it should yield a fair amount of threads, read through them and eventually you will find a few threads thats will tell you what you need to know.

Now you have stated that you have read and reread the faqs, and you may have learned some info but I suggest maybe you take the time to go through some of the FAQS threads again. Theres alot of info in there, and you can learn it all at once, it takes time.

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