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Well one of the guns you have choosen appears to be a pellet gun so we dont have to explain anything there.

Its a little complicated and somewhat difficult to explain. Essentially what your getting from buyairsoft is a partially clear plastic gun. When it comes to replica law and all that lovely confusing garbage, if its clear its ok is the jist of it. It is much more compliated than that but for all intensive purposes today, we dont have to go there.

You should be fine purchasing though, although just as a word of caution in some cases buyairsoft has not been noted to be the most reliable retailer, but everyones experience is different.

So pellet guns are a nono?

I'm thinking either the first or second one, second one because it has blowback which i think would be really neat but its clear plastic.

the first one is black plastic so its not see-through, would that still be ok?

are there any reviews of
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