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recently theyv just been leaving the slip sticking a bit outta the mat under my door, so no one notices it untill its covered in mud.
thankfully i know a guy that works at the main post office downtown here in the falls, and if i find the slip in time, i can just call him and he'll call the driver and tell them to re-deliver it, with a loud knock on the door.

the first AEG, and 2 GBBs i ordered way back in 2004, i lived on a busy street here in the falls, and they just left the massive box on my front porch, which was 10 feet tops away from the sidewalk. we had people pull up in a pickup and steal a heavy bag hanging out of a tree in our backyard, now imagine if my package with over 1200 dollars worth of stuff in it vanished, i would have bombed the CP building.

i can understand why postmen/women would get sick of knocking on peoples doors and all, but shit, its part of your job. DO IT.
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