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Uhgg.....customs. I've had genrally good experiences with until two days ago, I got a box from Redwolf, all ripped to shit and messed around with, I think some stuff may be was worth $350US. So they had no trouble raping me $70 and 63 fucking cents. Those sons of bitch bastards.

So the CP guy comes to the door and he's an off-the-boat Asian, but he was pretty nice (just ironic cause it was coming from HK and all) and tells me of this mysterious charge. After punching the wall and several "curse" words, he's like "we only take credit cards" which caused me to half punch the wall again because I hate using my Visa and I only just got it a couple months ago (had this been before then, I would have gone apeshit so it still somewhat got to me). The thing is I have paid with debit at the door several times from CP or Purolator, which IS that pissed me off.

Once again, what you guys describe with government services and such has not been my experience usually. It's quite up to date for me. Everything usually is as said to be on the site. Usually so much so that one of my parents can go collect my shit at the plant or various stations....since both of them work for CP.

And ohhhh the stories you hear about CP employee's with two parents at two different locations. They make the employee's sound almost....human? People do fuck up as well as machines, but I haven't been fucked as bad as any of you yet. And I've got quite a number of shipments over the years.
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