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One question I had in mind, is there anything else stolen? Read couple of cases where people who were victim of random break in took the guns, thought it would be real steel and tried to sell it to gun dealer. See if it's about airsoft, then you best start to trace people in your area knows that you play airsoft. Makes it considered planned.
However, if it was a random break in, it could be the person thought its real steel. Since theres multiple AR-15 brands, the person could think it is an real steel AR-15.

Sad to hear these cases.
I think it was random...they took my ipod and were going for my xbox and movies, but never took 'em.

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Hey Ryan,. I was just thinking. have you spoken with your landlord yet? I assume they have insurance, maybe ask if you can pay their deductible and they help you out? I am not sure if they would go for it but it maybe worth a shot specially since you are just technically living in their basement and I assume they are going to filing a claim anyways for the damge to the door.etc/
My landlady is away in England, she doesn't get back till that legal?
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