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Seems like it's TM again

Originally Posted by deep in the bush View Post
The best G36 is well.....mine Her name is Betsy

ok I had a TM, a CA and a JG

The JG is good for cheap entry expect maybe 2 years max before upgrades are required

TM out of the box has been bullet proof...mind you only 270ish

THe Classic I was not a huge fan of as I have had on my bench 4 times.

Star I am afraid I have no experience with.

I found MY TM G36 to be easy to upgrade, The JG has a sloppier mechbox

The CA is fine I just had to rewire and do some upgrade with the internals. ok a few times.

I hope this helps you out a bit.

Of course this info will be completely moot in two years.
Thanks Deep for sharing your experience of G36Cs from 3 brands. It's much better than review conducted by owners who may only own one of them.
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