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I still think someone went for the airsoft specifically! The Xbox might have been a "roose" or whatever you call it to make you think that they were just random. I mean, why steal your GEAR?!
i had some fairly expensive items in my gear bag (radio, SERPA holster, blackhawk hydrastorm etc etc), they obviously went through it and discovered this as they took out and left my muddy boots.

My first thought was maybe it was someone I knew, most people I know don't live anywhere near where I do and most don't have vehicles...maybe someone I know that knows about my AS told some unsavory people...that's a possibility.

The cops think it was two people, and one was going for my xbox/dvds/nintendo, and other looking through my bedroom...once they found my AS stuff they just went after that...they say they just grab what they can grab and leave. Cops think it was drug addicts since the first thing they did was go through my food.
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