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Originally Posted by jameskersten View Post
Sorry to hear Ryan, do you live in an apartment or a basement suite? If its an apartment then maybe find out how someone got into the building? Or maybe it was someone in your building? Either way, check with management about seeing the video tape of your front door? I know at my condo we have a camera at every main exit and same with at my old apartment. Its worth a try to maybe catch who may have your stuff.

And not to rub too much salt in the wound, for future reference, rental insurance (content insurance) for an apartment in your area is $20/month.

If you want to play still, we have guns at the field you can use, so your not entirely out of the game. I will lend you my ICS for a game day if you want, and I am sure the rest of the guys would help out someway or form.
I live in a lower suite of a house.

I should have gotten insurance, and I will now. I moved out 3 months ago and honestly not something I have ever thought about...

let this be a lesson to everyone out there, don't let this happen to you! it sucks...big time.

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Ryan that sux.......big time. As local airsofters lets keep a lookout for a PTW and associated airsoft gear for sale.
My gut feeling is telling me its been stolen by someone who knows what you have.
Were any other apartments broken into or just yours?? Was this random??

As JK has said, between us all we have more than enuff guns and gear to loan out to you when you decide to come out next.

My first reaction was that as well, I have shown some buddies them, but none of them drive or live even close to me...i think it was just a random break in...whoever was in my place was going for my xbox first as all the cables were unplugged but found the guns and took those instead...they went through all my cubboards and food too.

police are going to do forensics today, hopefully something will come from that.

i'll definetly take you guys up on that at some point...probably not till june.

i'm not going to be able to buy new kit or a gun for a long while, i'm on my own and don't make that much money...bought most of this stuff while living with parents with money to burn.
"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." - Ben Franklin
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