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Stuff stolen

Having stuff stolen from you sux..

but there is a lesson here for everyone else. not advertise your collection.. you may think its cool to show off to your on line pals how many cool guns you have.. but this forum is full of strangers and many more people cruise these forums than are registered users. ( no evidence you did this )

2. Proper lock up. store your guns properly in a locked room or in a locked cabinet, or even better in a gun safe. If nothing else don't leave them in plain sight. Most home break ins are smash and grab affairs, they will take what they can get their hands on in 30 seconds and be out the door. If your "sensitive" stuff is in the back of your closet it will still be there after the thieves are gone. This will save you the explainaton to the police as to exactly why it is that crack head theives are now in possession of your assault rifle replicas.

3. leave no obvious sign that there are guns in the house ( piles of mags, parts, whatever ) Store it all properly.

4. Keep a current record in photographic Video or written form of your inventory

5. buy insurance, literally for less than the cost of a Timmies Coffee a day you can have top end comprehensive coverage including third party liability coverage, For the most part you can buy such coverage on line these days.
Do it.

Many people think they can't afford insurance .. or don't see the benefit balanced against the cost. Fact is no one can afford to be without insurance. Buy it, keep it , hope you never need it.
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