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Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
Course... you don't need a functional PTW to knock over the local Mac's or Short Stop do you?

Anywho, +whatever number it's at now for going door to door in the building, canvas the area, maybe the neighbouring buildings. Someone may have seen a truck or car pull up and park for a time. If there's security cameras on premisis that could help. Put up flyers in the area (minus gun pictures, if anything else was taken...). If someone did see a car or truck parked put the description on the flyer.

Definatly call the cops. Since there's realistic toy guns out there, the cops should definatly get a heads up just in case there's a weapons related robbery in the next few days/weeks.

Hopefully you get lucky and get your stuff back.

On the insurance topic, does anyone have any experiance with apartment insurance? Which companies are helpful/nice/cheap etc.? I've been thinking for a while I should get myself insured, and everytime I see a thread like this I'm reminded all over again.

I cant speak for your area but my local bank offers content insurance (which in apartment here thats all you need cause the buildings insurance covers everything else and I could care less to insure someone elses stuff) but its $20/month for $35000 coverage. I pay $25/month for my insurance on my condo which covers me up to $100,000.
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