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Originally Posted by WarHawk109 View Post
what's funny about this is that whoever has my PTW isn't going to know WTF to do with it to get it to work...
Course... you don't need a functional PTW to knock over the local Mac's or Short Stop do you?

Anywho, +whatever number it's at now for going door to door in the building, canvas the area, maybe the neighbouring buildings. Someone may have seen a truck or car pull up and park for a time. If there's security cameras on premisis that could help. Put up flyers in the area (minus gun pictures, if anything else was taken...). If someone did see a car or truck parked put the description on the flyer.

Definatly call the cops. Since there's realistic toy guns out there, the cops should definatly get a heads up just in case there's a weapons related robbery in the next few days/weeks.

Hopefully you get lucky and get your stuff back.

On the insurance topic, does anyone have any experiance with apartment insurance? Which companies are helpful/nice/cheap etc.? I've been thinking for a while I should get myself insured, and everytime I see a thread like this I'm reminded all over again.
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