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My best "Canada Post" moment in the last year or so occurred in December when I ordered my TM P226 from Hellfire989 in BC. He contacted me to let me know the package had shipped and gave me the tracking number. The "expected delivery date" was 3 days later. Of course, other than the "Item received at post office", I got no other details from the CP tracking system until a couple of days after the package had been delivered.

Now, a day or so earlier, I had ordered some parts from Hong Kong (either Redwolf or eHobby). I received an email with a tracking number for that package shortly after (but same day) that I got the tracking number for the P226. Tracking with HK Speedpost was very accurate until it said "Item in Canada and being inspected by Customs". Again, I got no further updates from tracking until after the package was delivered...

Of course, on Day 3, my P226 didn't arrive. On day 4, it didn't arrive. Finally, on day 5, I got a delivery notice from CP. I headed over to the post office to pick up my new P226. Upon getting the package, I was quite surprised to find out that it was NOT my P226, but my package from HK instead. The P226 showed up 3 days later on a Monday... And on Tuesday evening, I got a flurry of emails from the CP tracking system with updates about the whereabouts of my 2 packages.

Go Canada Post!
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