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It's not that the packages DON'T get tracked reliably with Canada Post. It's that their system doesn't speak to itself very well. With all other carriers, the second that a package changes locations, crosses a sorting plant scanner, is handled manually, etc, the tracking information is updated, day, night, even weekends and holidays.

With Canada Post, your tracking may or may not be updated in several days at times. Usually, it's updated shortly after a package is posted. Then, you're quite lucky to get any sort of update until the package actually arrives at your door. Usually when I ship within Ontario and Quebec, tracking is updated once a day, which is decent.

But if I'm shipping between here and the Maritimes or west of Ontario, I'll usually receive the package before the site is updated past the initial transaction. Then the night I take delivery, I'll see the site updated with all the sortation plant and deliver info. Makes the tracking sort of useless in that case in terms of knowing where the package is.

I find it funny when I get stuff shipped from Asia with tracking. I get tons of info about my package until it lands in Canada. Then it's hit or miss whether I'll get any other information on it until it arrives at my door.
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