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Originally Posted by tycho View Post
I mean - it's ridiculous.

Date of Event Time of Event Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name
2008/05/21 07:44 GEORGETOWN, ON Item out for delivery
2008/05/12 17:41 RICHMOND, BC Item accepted at the Post Office

There's no tracking involved with that! It happened with my aeg and this order of bbs. I've received more information from Hong Kong post about the status of my package in Canada than I did from Canada post >.<

Anyway - I've rarely used the post system in our Country (for packages, anyway); I usually go the courier route if I have to ship anything. I'm definitely starting to think it's worth an extra $20 to a) get the package faster and b) know whats going on en route!

Ok...End of Rant.
glad to hear the BBs have arrived. but yeah, the canadapost tracking system is not truly reliable. the timing is off most of the time, they dont get updated frequently, the information it gives is sometimes not enough. Just take the tracking system as a grain of salt.

Originally Posted by NovaKaynE View Post
CP normally shows up at my house between the hours of 1:30PM and 3:00PM. The hours i'm home, in my house, up and about. Not once in the last 3 months have I heard the door bell ring. But when I leave to go to work at 7PM, that delivery notice card is hanging on my door telling me the postman was there at 2:30PM and I have to go pick it up at the post office the next day. Most of the time I can knock off work early or take an extended lunch break to run out and get it at around 8PM, but it's an unnecessary hassle.
that happened to me a few times too many, its quite disappointing, really.
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