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Here is my rant about CP:
I know there tracking system blows goats, in fact I never really pay much attention to it other then to see the delivery date and to confirm its being sent. When I ordered my PTW, I got it shipped expedited service. The thing I liked about expedited service is they "gaurentee (sp?)" the delivery date so I was expecting the gun to arrive on the Friday which was fine cause we were set to play on Sunday. Well Friday comes and no sign of my stuff, tracking shows its still in Richmond BC. I phone CP and ask about it, they say it will be delivered Monday, I then ask about the "gaurentee", her response was " its only a guide line and we do have to allow a few days on either end." So whats the point of having a "gaurentee" if its just an estimate and its not worth anything anyways. F*CK I was mad!
Since then I never expect anything on time from them, if its comes on time, bonus and if not. No surprise. Its sad that its gotten to this point but what other options do we have other then paying more for a shipping company. Sometimes thats not worth it for a small piece. End of Rant
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