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No age verifier in Thunder Bay

I missed the only time available by someone who was kind enough to age verify while he was here in Thunder Bay for school. I missed it purely by chance seeing as I could not find him the night I was supposed to see him, I had my passport and OHS card ready and all. He is back in his home town and we are once again without an age verifier.

This is becoming tiresome and lenient on my half, considering most of the airsoft guns I want to purchase need to be attained through the classifieds here, or on I can buy accessories and mid-grade airsoft guns through

There were a few more people who were also by my side of getting age verified, I'm unsure if they did meet with the only rep we've ever had. But I'm sure they want to be age verified too. Is there any way at all someone could be verified online? I'm willing to scan, fax, make any phone calls I need. I would also consider paying and vouching for a background check if possible.
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