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Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
hello my name is Preston i live in dryden ont. and i belong to team J.S.O.C. out of Neepewa Manitoba and i go by the same handle on the maa forums
This is really what should be posted in here. I set a bad example above.

Hi, I'm Mike, older than some of you and taller than all.

I've been on ASC for years and have seen and laughed and screamed with anger and almost cried and shook with rage and loved (in a manly friendly way) people I've met through this site. I've also seen the bottom of the barrel on here too. It's been an interesting ride.

I play with the Snowdragons, a bunch of cool, tough, nice people that are very different (aren't we all) but share a common love and passion. Good times.

I can age verify but mainly at games or functions I am attending. If you have any questions I suck at the building/fixing of aegs but if I can help with anything else I'll try.
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