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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
I just want to go slap the uppedy soccer-mom neighbour that apparently complained. Leave it to this municipality/province/country to have one stupid loud mouth bitch ruin it all for the thousands that play there. Like I could see if they were planning to develope and all....but it seems that it was just a technicallity excellerated by some bitching..correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sure the city/region realizes that the place attracts many a lot of people to Waterloo Region even just for a one day of play who otherwise would never come 'round here....I mean look at all you fine folks from out of town who love this place.

So those of you who have heard about 'ze new place' .... where is it?!?!?! Please tell me it's still in Waterloo Region!

Oh and let us have one massive last game for sure! Another ZOMBIE GAME?!?! A night game on August 30th would be sweet too.
You are wrong, the land in question .. where Flagraiders is currently located is not zoned for that use. Continued operation was counter to the official plan of the municipality and put in place a precident for authorized off plan use that the counsel did not have the legal authority to approve ( despite having done so 2 times previous) Counsel had ignored the complaints of neigbours and approved the use of the land 2 times previously.. and were ready to do it again until their legal counsel advised them that they could not.

In this case counsel tired hard to allow the continued use.. but in the end the law won out. It was not the "Soccer Moms" that caused this to happen it was the slow and steady sprawl of urbanization.

and... anyone can see the development encroaching.. expect to see a residential development within a year on that site.
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