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Originally Posted by Knyte View Post
I stated previously, I don't want to send a kid my CC info again and he refused to do it any other way. As well, the 'tax rebate' and 'shipping rebate' he's offering is only if I put more $$$ through him which I'm not going to do. And, he hasn't admitted he's wrong, first he said he had done nothing wrong and I misunderstood him and the fault was mine. Then he admitted maybe there was a miscommunication between us so it was partially his fault, possibly... Nor has he yet answered the questions as to the material being different between the jacket/pants still, which I'm waiting for.

It's not about the shipping refund or even a refund this is about him lying to me about a product, then refusing to accuratly describe his own product (ie misrepresenting it) EVEN after I asked him to originally and explained to him why his description wasn't accurate and needed to be changed. And he refused. Then the dispute thread happened. It's a bit past the time of refunds and me deleting all my posts which Vlad did ask me to do recently btw... But it's not something I'm about to do, I did tell him what he needed to do in order for me to change his feedback from negative to neutral, which was refund me the amount w/o shipping, and giving a correct description, and to change my feedback from negative to positive, refund + pay for shipping charges as well. Which he refused.

Vlad wants to do business like a big boy, he can deal with his actions like a big boy.
I wasn't aware that he was forcing you to use a specific type of payment for the refund. And although he hasn't said "I am sorry for lying about the quality and material that said BDU's were made of" I think he has apologized through the offer of a refund and also through changing the description. Still, I think that you are on the right side of this argument and I believe that as the customer you call the shots.
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