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well I'd say "hope it all works out" but I think that you Knyte have an objective. yeah much like anything else airsoft costs money and yeah sometimes we spend it not all that well, for you this is one of those times. *side note kind like when selective hearing comes into play* Sure create the awareness of you feelings along with perspective and in some ways I see it and feel for you. However given the situation and the amount of time that has gone by. I'd just grow some nads and suck it up. Not trying to bag on ya or anything but I don't see what more needs to be said. if you want to do sidearms at dawn that's one thing if not then take it to PM and the mods if it warrants it and move forward... this is getting a bit stale. the brandy might have a bit to do with this but reading through both threads I'd say that it's done and over with deal with it.
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