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Originally Posted by SurplusIG View Post

Today i went to see the manufacturer of these clothes and he made a mistake on informing me about the material used, it is in fact 50% cotton and 50% polyesther and according to the manufacturer they built like that of the canadian forces. There might be small details that weren't included or altered but that's for safety of being sued by the government. The cotton explains they weight and the polyesther explains the water resistancy. I like this cadpat and those that have baught it at my store like it as well, i've sold to people who wanted to wear it as a fashion item !!

In addition to refunding, to show my apologies and to invite Knyte back as either a customer or a friend in the future i've even offered a lifetime discount. This discount consists of a permanent tax rebate if payed via money order or cash which in the long run will more than compensate for the shipping costs attached to the product, i've offered to take back the product and refund the money payed, and i've offered a 5% discount on the shipping costs for his next purchase.

I will also apologize for responding to Knyte's comment about me being an idiot by being myself immature and replying with indirect insulting sentences. I guess i deserved to be called an idiot for the way that i handled this situation.

First off. Cotton doesn't make something heavy, nor does poly make it water resistant. The t-shirt your wearing is probably cotton or cotton/poly, is it heavy and water resistant? No, it is not. And I've said numerous times, and told you numerous times, the Jacket, is a different material than the pants, the pants, are not water resistant, the jacket, looks like some sort of ripstop material. So, you STILL do not have your facts straight about your own product and I'm really getting frustrated explaining this to you. I'm not sure if your just ignoring me because you think I don't have a clue or what but it's obvious from the pics even they are not the same. Maybe it is some sort of really heavy cotton/poly for the PANTS, but I doubt it, and the jacket is certainly something different.

Secondly, I mean I'll be honest I don't think I'll be doing business w/ you again so the stuff your 'offering' is useless. The only thing I was looking for was a supplier of a decent cadpat BDU that has stock often and it's apparent your not it.

Thirdly, your insults were not indirect, they were direct, as well the reason I called you an idiot, was because you told me to 'educate myself about your product' AFTER you put up additional info when I already had the product...

As I told you via PM, if you want to do business like a big boy you have to know what your selling, you may be able to pawn stuff off on ebay to kiddies who don't have a clue but sometime your bound to encounter someone who actually knows about the product you claim to be selling and when you give that someone false info because you yourself actually have no idea about your own product, and are to stubborn/ignorant to think they might actually know something, this happens.

Honestly, to avoid this entire situation, all you would have had to do was update your thread accordingly, and as I said, upon refund I would have left you neutral unless you covered shipping costs, then I would have left positive.

Now I've wasted who knows how long writing stupid messages due to your stubbornness and unwillingness to give a half-accurate description of your own product in your sales thread and you trying to convince everyone I know nothing and your product is this amazing cadpat, better than issue, frontenac replacing, water shedding, wonder BDU, when it is nothing of the sort.

I'm still waiting on those damn pictures, but as I said as well feel free to use them in your sales thread as you seem incapable of getting some decent pics yourself. I'll even go take some more of someone wearing them side by side w/ actual cadpats for you, just so your customers know what they are getting to avoid any further issues like this. Consider it my gift to you.
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